Religion Versus Spiritualism: Similarities And Differences

The social-cultural beliefs, practices, behaviours, texts, holy or sanctified places shared in a community and that are believed to connect human beings to a higher being is what is commonly referred to as religion. Spirituality on the other hand is quite personal and involves what an individual believes in and how they practice what they believe in. A religious person is a spiritual person but a spiritual person does not necessarily have to be religious. There are several methods to seek spirituality and religion including the use of people believed to have powers such as an online psychic.

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Similarities between religion and spirituality

Both religion and spirituality helps human beings gain in-depth understanding on the meaning of life, how this meaning changes as the seasons change and how a connection to a superior being influences this meaning. In addition to this, religion and spirituality give people a sense of hope and belonging which can be a source of peace, purpose and positive mental impact in an individual's life.

Religion and spirituality bring people together and such a community provides the support system that is important in celebrating the wins, major milestones in life and facing the challenges that life throws at human beings. They may also have similar teachings including forgiveness, gratitude, compassion for others, love for oneself and for other members of the community.

Differences between religion and spirituality

Religion is structured, repetitive, has rules, laws or religious doctrines to be followed and seeks to give believers some level of consistency and certainty especially when facing turmoil. Spirituality on the other hand does not subscribe to doctrines, rules, structures and is purely based on the individual's preferences.

Given the structural nature of religion, religious practices can be rigid to changes in the community which means that some practices remain the same for centuries on end. Spiritualism on the other hand is fluid and changes as one's mental and physical capabilities or environment changes over time.

While religion is more focused on building a community among the believers, spirituality tends to incline on developing one's individuality. Moreover, spirituality will help individuals s

elf-evaluate while religion tends to focus on external items such as the places of worship, the holy books, religious rituals and so on.
For most people, the lines between religion and spirituality have always been blurred. This is mainly fuelled by the similarities between the two as well as the positive yet similar impacts that results from them. However, the two remain distinct and it is up to an individual to determine the most viable path in seeking inner peace.